Trinco 'Master Blast' Bead Blast Cabinet TR36 –

Trinco 'Master Blast' Bead Blast Cabinet TR36


Brand Trinco

TRINCO Model 36 Bead Blaster with BP Dust Collector 

TRINCO has been a leader in blast cleaning equipment since 1951. With many cabinet designs available, we can provide your shop with equipment to meet all of your blasting needs.

Designed for intermittent blasting operations. The TRINCO™ Model 36 with Dust Collector vacuums the dust and contamination from the cabinet. Media is recycled from the gun system to the hopper and back to the gun system.

 36”W x 24”D x 23”H     Work Area


  • TRINCO™ BP Dust Collectors vacuum air borne dust from the cabinet during blasting, providing good visibility for the operator and preventing dust from escaping the cabinet. TRINCO™ BP Dust Collectors are ideal for low to medium blasting requirements. Click System Upgrades button for information on the TRINCO™ 400PT Dust Collector for medium to high blasting requirements

  • Bright white fluorescent lighting provides excellent illumination and eliminates shadows

  • Large safety glass window with easy change window frame provides excellent visibility.

  • TRINCO™ Air Pressure Regulator and gauge mounted at the front of the blast cabinet allows for easy adjustment of blast pressures

  • Double floor – 1/8″ thick Expanded Steel Grate on top of a fine mesh steel carbon screen. The fine mesh screen traps contaminants preventing gun blockages

  • 1 Year TRINCO™ Warranty on non-consumable parts

  • Very popular model, great for automotive repair shops

  • Heavy duty 14 gauge welded steel construction

  • Spring loaded hopper trap door for easy media changes

  • Heavy duty blast gun with Tungsten Carbide nozzle, 25 CFM air jet, and safety enclosed foot pedal control


• Inside dimensions: 36”w x 24”d x 23”h
• Overall dimensions: 38”w x 25”d x 64”h
• Two door openings
• Front opening Lid: 36” x 13”
• Side door: 17” x 11”
• BP dust collector dimensions: 57-1/2”h x 14”d
• Electrical requirements: 115 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Cycle


• Water filter (recommended)
• Blow off gun
• Turntable
• Protective glass film (10 pack)