Nugier 20 Ton Hydraulic Press (Foot Operated) H2063F –

Nugier 20 Ton Hydraulic Press (Foot Operated) H2063F


Brand Nugier
SKU: H2063F


While capacity requirements vary somewhat in different shops, 20-ton hydraulic presses are the most popular choice for today’s service repair departments. This press comes with a 3-speed foot operated pump. Basic tooling on all units includes two table parallels and two “V” blocks. All 20-ton presses have slots in uprights to permit fork tube straightening.


  • EASY TO USE: Self-locking table winch for easy table height adjustments.

  • FASTER OPERATION: Multiple-speed pumps permit faster ram speeds results in fewer strokes which advances the ram further per stroke. Saves time!       

  • OVERLOAD SAFETY PROTECTION: Maximum-capacity relief valve and ram-travel limit valve are hydraulic safety features incorporated on all units.


Capacity Tons 20
Method of Operation Foot
Ram Travel 6"
Number of Ram Speeds 3
Min. Number of Strokes (per inch) 6-1/2"
Width Between Uprights 24"