Build-All Aqueous Based Parts Washer SSWH1630 –

Build-All Aqueous Based Parts Washer SSWH1630


Brand Build-All

Solvent Free Parts Washer (Aqueous Based) 

Inside Tub Dimensions 32”L x 20”W x 8”D
Sill Height  35”/37-1/2” *
Solution Capacity 14/25 gallons *
Tub Construction  16 gauge  304 Stainless Steel
Pump Capacity 300 GPH 
Heating System 900W Drop-In Optional
Electrical Requirements  120V/1PH/60Hz/.6A
*Based upon mounting on either 16 or 30 Gallon Drum

• Fusible linked gas spring assisted fire Cover for Safety
• Flow-thru cleaning brush assembly
• Flow regulating valve to direct solvent flow
• Stainless steel crumb cup with stainless steel filter strainer
• Built-in fluorescent light fixture 
• Dual mounting rings fit either 16 or 30 gallon drum –
Drum not included (SSWH1630SSHS only)