COATS RC-55/MC Motorcycle Tire Changer with RoBo Arm (M/C, ATV, UTV, A –

COATS RC-55/MC Motorcycle Tire Changer with RoBo Arm (M/C, ATV, UTV, Auto, Truck)




The COATS RC-55/MC Motorcycle tire changer includes specially designed three position Motorcycle/ATV clamps which allow the user to change an ATV tire as small as 6” in diameter to a motorcycle wheel up to 24” with the same set of clamps. They offer complete protection for expensive, delicate wheels at every step of the tire changing process. The RC-55/MC offers a “RoBo Arm” that mechanically assists the mounting and de-mounting of stiff side-wall and/or low profile tires. Bead loosener shoe socks, clamp booties, nylon inserts and lift tool protection help prevent metal-to-metal contact that can cause scratching or marring. The Manual Swing Arm is easily adjusted so that the Duckhead® Mount/Demount Tool is properly fitted to the tire rim assembly. Conveniently placed foot pedals provide precise control over every step of the changing process, this allows the technician to be more efficient while mounting and demounting tires. 

For over 60 years, COATS has been building top quality tire changers to fit a variety of special applications. Unlike some imported brands, the RC-55/MC is built in the U.S.A., and is supported by the largest nationwide network of authorized service centers.

Free Shipping and On-Site Service Center set-up and demonstration is included at no charge.


• “RoBo Arm” system for stiff sidewall / low profile tires

• Multi-purpose three position motorcycle clamps with premium nylon wheel protectors

• Extended vertical channel allows sprockets, pulleys and brake discs to remain on wheels during servicing

• Specially designed Motorcycle/ATV Mount Demount Head with Nylon Insert protection

• Three position Automotive Clamps and Automotive Style Mount Demount Head also included 


• RIM DIAMETERS: 6” to 24”, up to 28” w/optional Auto Clamps
• RIM width: 8.5” (max.), up to 10.5” OK w/optional Auto Clamps
• POWER REQUIREMENTS: 120V, 15 amp, single phase
• AIR REQUIREMENTS: 110 PSI (recommended), 5 CFM


81845744 Three Position Motorcycle/ATV Clamps (6” to 24” range)

85009943 Robo-Arm system for stiff sidewall/low profile tires

183355 Motorcycle/ATV Mount-Demount Head

183373 Nylon Insert Protectors for Head (Qty 2)

183606 Bead Loosener Shoe Socks (2)

183248 Plastic Grippers for clamps

181354 Tire Iron/Bead Lifting Tool

183422 Automatic System Oiler 

107985 Oversized Air Inflation Gauge


85606545 Auxiliary Bead Sealer

85607986 Grip Max Auto Clamps (allows up to 28" dia)

8183710 Tire Mounting Paste

85009048 Lube Bracket holder for COATS Tire Paste

85000783 Tire Iron/Bead Lifting Tool Protectors (10 pack)

184052 Manual Bead Roller Kit

4356851 Drop Center Tool for stiff sidewall tires